Vault services at the cemetery-  Our services include the vault, lowering device, tent, covered chairs, carpet, set up and removal. You will save hundreds of dollars using our service.

vault service with tent, covered chairs, and lowering device

At Infinity, we know this is not easy, but that is why we are here to help guide you through everything. We want to make this time as simple as possible, all while saving you money.

Funeral Director Services-
These services are provided by an affiliated, licensed funeral director. They provide all of the services expected by any funeral home, with their staff and vehicles. The only difference, is that the funeral and visitation would take place at a location of your choice, rather than a funeral home. This service will save you thousands of dollars.
Our affiliated funeral director will take care of all the arrangements, starting with picking up the deceased, embalming, casketing, dressing, hair and makeup, etc. They will also provide the family with the registration book, cards, obituary and death certificates. Their staff will be available during visitation, have a vehicle for flowers and carry your loved one to the cemetery for interment.


You can spend as little as $5,823 on a 2-day funeral!