About Infinity 

At Infinity, our mission is to provide high quality funeral products and services at an affordable price. We provide a wide range of options in a friendly and compassionate atmosphere, without high pressure or upselling tactics. We provide funeral services from an affiliated, well respected, funeral director. We would be happy to assist you with any pre-needs planning, with our Pre-Needs Funeral Planning Specialist who has over twenty years of experience. An irrevocable funeral trust and life insurance plans are also available. Infinity can direct you to a licensed funeral trust agent to protect your liquid assets from creditors or medicaid attachments.

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Cherish Life's Moments. Now you can keep your memories of your loved ones forever, in a beautiful video of your chosen photographs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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Dennis Bennett owns and operates Infinity Casket, Vault & Monument Company. Dennis grew up on a grain & livestock farm in North West Whitley County. He was a 10 year 4-H Member, winner of many local and state awards, including a 4-H Scholarship. He graduated from Columbia City High School, and North Carolina State University where he graduated with honors as a double-major in Agronomy and Soil Science. He has worked for the US Department of Agriculture, and for a major livestock feed company in sales and sales management.  Dennis took early retirement in 2000, and became a real estate agent and auctioneer in association with Schrader Real Estate and Auctions Company. As a result of the passing of his father in 2008, Dennis became involved with Dutch Casket Company in Grabill, Indiana. A turn of events and circumstances led him to be part owner and general manager of the company. To help increase sales, he opened a retail outlet in June 2011 known as Infinity Casket, Vault & Monument Company.

                             Dennis Bennett



Infinity Casket, Vault, and Monument Company is definitely a unique business. With being so unique, comes lots of questions. 

  1. Can you deliver caskets to any funeral home?

    Yes! Infinity Casket, Vault, and Monument Company can deliver your casket to any funeral home for FREE within 50 miles. (After 50 miles, it will cost $1 per mile). In 1984, the Federal Trade Commission passed a law (called The Funeral Rule) stating that funeral homes MUST use the hard-goods you choose (that includes caskets) and they cannot, by law, up-charge you for other services to make up for any lost revenue.


  2. How much does a monument cost?

    This is probably one of the questions that we’ve heard the most. There is no single set price for monuments.
    Monument pricing is largely dependent on 4 different factors:

    What color you choose. Since we have 30 different colors of granite that gets shipped in from all over the world, some colors will cost more than others.

    It also depends upon the style of monument you’d like. We offer flush, bevel, slant, and upright markers, and each one will have a different price. (We can also design a custom shaped monument, i.e heart shaped).

    Artwork comes into play with price as well. Our base prices for our monuments include the text (names, birth and death dates) and two pieces of artwork. If you’d like to add any more than 2 pieces of artwork, that will cost a little extra.

    The final factor, is size. The length, width, and height of the monument will largely affect the price.

    Of course, before making any of these decisions, make sure to check with your cemetery to be aware of any restrictions before making such a large and important purchase like a loved one’s cemetery monument!
    (Some cemeteries require all monuments to be flush, some cemeteries don’t allow vases on monuments, etc. Each cemetery has its own rules, so there is no one set way things are run at each cemetery.)


  3. Are you a funeral home?

    No. Infinity Casket, Vault, and Monument Company is not a funeral home, nor are we a corporation. We are a company that sells the hard-goods such as caskets, polymer vaults, cemetery monuments, urns and urn vaults. We also sell benches, stepping stones, and cremation jewelry. We provide pre-needs planning through a highly respected, licensed funeral pre-planner with over 20 years of experience. We can provide the vault service as well.


  4. How much is your least expensive casket?

    Our least expensive casket would be our 20 gauge steel, all one paint color, Alex model casket at $879.00, that comes in four different colors: blue, silver, white, and copper. (Other colors are available at a small up-charge.)


  5. How much is your least expensive monument?
    Our least expensive monument would be the 2’x1’x4″ flush marker, starting at $395.00 (granite color will affect price)


  6. How long will it take for my monument to be set?
    It depends on what time of year you order your monument. Currently as this post is being written (September 2018), it will take about 3-4 months for a monument to be set.
    (Some cemeteries only pour foundations twice a year, in the spring and fall. Be aware of these procedures before purchasing your monument.)


  7. Do you provide the foundation?
    That depends on where your monument is going. Some cemeteries prefer to set foundations themselves, and will charge you their fee for it. Other cemeteries will want us to arrange a foundation to be set for you, and we will gladly make arrangements with our fairly priced contractors. Again, definitely check with your cemetery first before making arrangements.


  8. Do you do pre-needs planning?
    Yes. We provide pre-needs planning through retired Air Force sergeant Alan Parr, a respected, licensed, independent funeral pre-planner who has over 20 years of experience. With that, we also provide military honors at graveside at no cost to you.